How to take a 360 photo?


360 (or "spherical") photos are special images that capture 360 degrees horizontally and 180 up-and-down, making a complete "spherical image".  You can make them a few ways...

1. Use your phone - your smartphone can take 360 degree photos by taking a number of individual images and stitching them all together into a spherical image.  As strange as it sounds, the app we recommend for this is "Google Street View", available on iOS and Android.  By just skipping the upload-to-google step, the app works as an easy-to-use 360 camera app.

2. 360 (or Spherical) Camera - there are lots of specialized 360 cameras on the market.  Some of our favorites are the Ricoh Theta V, GoPro Fusion, and Xiaomi Mi Sphere, and others.  But any 360 camera is compatible with Snapspheres.

3. Call a pro! - try a search for "360 photographer" in your area.

Once you have a 360° photo, preview your sphere and order your own Snapspheres globe. Preview your 360 on a Snapspheres globe at: