Snapspheres – We Create Custom Globes

Made from individual magnetic tiles that snap together to form a complete sphere, Snapspheres globes are engaging, beautiful and fun! Available in three sizes: Mini-globe, 4″ and 7″. We have many designs to choose from or create your own. Let’s bring your idea to life!

Earth and Space Globes

We’re proud of the unique designs we’ve created here at Snapspheres. All globes can be personalized with a name, message, location or picture to make it extra special!

Our passion for our celestial neighbors is captured in this collection. The globes are based on imagery from NASA and the ESA. Each globe is labeled with its key features such as craters, mountains and space probe landing sites.

360 Photo Globes

Display your 360 pictures in high detail and vivid colors! 360 pictures capture the entire surrounding environment covering the entire globe. These always turn heads. Mini-globes, 4” and 7” diameters are available.

Custom Globes

If you have a globe idea, let us know. We can make that unique globe you’ve been dreaming about!

  • Drone photography
  • Globes of corporate assets
  • Climate maps
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