Snapspheres are our globes printed with your 360 pictures.  Generally 360 pictures are limited to digital formats and cannot be displayed like regular pictures.  Some cool things about Snapspheres:

  • It's a head turner.  It's just the right size and ultra-unique that everyone will notice.
  • It's a puzzle.  Your memory is also a challenging 32 piece puzzle. 
  • The colors and quality are amazing.  It's quite astonishing how well the globes look.
  • They're easy to store.  Since they're held together with magnets, they disassemble for easy storage.
  • They're durable.  They can take some rough-housing and make a wonderful shattering sound that will cause momentary panic.  Fun!
Example Image to Globe.jpg

HOW TO preview or submit a 360 picture 


Take your own 360 photo image (from your phone or dedicated 360 camera), preview and upload it using our Globe Preview Tool for AndroidiPhone, or Desktop (chrome required).