Globes can be completely awesome.  But they're not. 


Our Mission

Today's globe designs have been the same forever.  Nobody looks at globes anymore, they're just boring.  Children need to be inspired about our planet.  And not just our planet, other planets as well.  Globes should be informative and fun.  That's why I founded Global Creations.

The goal for Global Creations is to inspire a generation with fun ways to learn.  For instance, a globe of Mars where the canyons and creators can be seen and felt.  A globe of the Moon and the Earth in proportional scale to each other would enable people to grasp a sense of proportion.  And how about custom globes of alien worlds?  How cool would it be to have created your own world and display it on your desk for everyone to see?  Our goal is to make globes and make them cool.


You should quit your job and make globes.
— Nobody