Planetary Globes

Our goal is to unlock the potential of globes as an interesting and immersive experience for children and adults.  Each planet can be optionally textured with USGS elevation data which provide a tactile experience that brings the planet so much nearer in our imaginations.  Great for schools and astronomy buffs, or a unique display item and conversation piece.




A fresh and fun new look at of the classic globe.  This Earth has high gloss semi-transparent oceans and actual satellite imagery.  On the inside is printed a colorful political map.  And of course it's a 32 piece puzzle, fun for children and adults.  Click here for purchase options.

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The moon is often neglected because of the relatively unremarkable geography.  But if the craters were textured the most interesting facets of the moon would come to life.  Coming soon.



Completely new views of Earth, displaying the Earth as it truly appears from space.  This one is of NASA satellite photos from May 11, 2017.  

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