Photo Globes

Take your favorite 360 pictures and display them in physical space.  The photo globes are great looking but also wonderful pieces of conversation and fun.  How to order?

it's your picture

Upload your photo and we'll print it for you.  The view of the globe is unique from every angle providing many unique perspectives of the moment.  

it's a PUZZLE

Each globe is a 32 piece puzzle which is fun and satisfying to assemble.  The globe is durable enough to be taken apart and put together many times over again.  Because it can be taken apart, storage is easy.

it's completely unique


It's a custom work of art that's sure to be a piece of conversation and add to your decor.  (Once taken off the roof of your car and brought inside)

See for yourself

Load an image from your phone or computer onto the rotating globe to see how it might look.  The globe can be spun yourself with the left mouse button or by touch.  The green lines are illustrate where the pieces will join.

Or try the Custom Photo Globe Previewer app!