Latest news From Snapspheres

July 27, 2018

A big bag of R&D!  We've gone through a lot of pieces trying to get our process down.  That's about 25 pounds of mistake baby!




July 10, 2018

Starting to make a new celestial sphere.  So... many... bad... constellations...




June 23, 2018

I was out bicycling around Minneapolis and captured a wonderful shot of the 35W bridges over the Mississippi.  I thought it would look cool on a sphere and I like how it turned out.   - Matt



June 18, 2018

A New Earth

I've always been passionate about creating new worlds.  So after lots of feedback and design we now have a new Earth globe featuring:

  1. Satellite imagery from NASA's 'Pale Blue Marble'.
  2. Glossy, semi-transparent seas.
  3. Political map printed on the inside.
  4. About 200 named features and countries.

There is opportunity for personalization such as 'For Alex: Graduation 2018', which really adds a level of uniqueness not usually seen on globes. 

I've textured the globe pictured with elevation data.  I does take a while to print so texture would come with additional cost.  

Bottom line: They look great.  I imagine they'd have to go for $129 for smooth globes and $159 for textured.  Available soon!

- Matt