What is a Snapspheres globe?

A Snapspheres globe is a 7.4” diameter magnetic puzzle and display sphere made from 32 individual tiles. Snapsphere globes can be made from your own 360° photos.

How do I take a 360 picture?

360 (or “spherical”) photos can be taken with a 360° camera, or with your phone. Learn more here.

How do I order a Snapspheres globe?

Preview your own photo on a sphere, and order with our 360 Previewer here, or download our “Snapspheres 360 Previewer” mobile app. (Remember, 360° imagery works best, but you can try out any photo in the previewer.) Learn more here.

What image resolution do I need?

We recommend equirectangular 360 photos. (Any photo will work, but “regular” images might appear stretched or distorted on a sphere.) Resolution should be at least 4000 pixels wide.  Spheres print at approximately 300dpi, and with about about 23” circumference around the equator, maximum detail is reached at about 7000 pixel wide equirectangular image.

How can I contact Snapspheres?

We are happy to answer any other questions at support@snapspheres.com.  You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram!