Earth Globe

Our globe of the Earth brings a brand new look to the classical globe. 

  • High gloss translucent oceans contrast well with the matte finish on the land. 
  • NASA satellite imagery represent accurately how the Earth appears from space.
  • The inside is printed as a political globe.  When a light is added, the colors shine through!
  • It's a 32 piece puzzle that children and adults love to piece together. 

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Have a customization idea?  Some thoughts are including a corporate logo or a personalized gift message.  Or perhaps the places you've visited with custom pictures?   Let us know and we'd be happy to work with you. Our globes are made in-house using our own custom software, making it possible to customize.  Contact us at to discuss your project.



Satellite data courtesy of NASA's Visible Earth catalog:  Reto Stöckli, NASA Earth Observatory

Country borders from Wikimedia Commons under the Universal Public Domain Dedication.  Credit to: Tom Patterson, Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso and others from, Bjørn Sandvik